ACT Program

The Ingenovis Health ACT program is a unique initiative available to CardioSolution team members that provides tools and resources to grow, flourish, and advance your career. 

Based on real feedback from frontline healthcare professionals like you, the creation of the Ingenovis ACT program was inspired by our dedication and commitment to going above and beyond to serve the needs and well-being of the talented people here at CardioSolution. 

What is the Ingenovis Health ACT program? 

The ACT program (Advocacy, Career, Tools) was created as part of Ingenovis Health's clinician-first movement. Our goal is to offer more to our healthcare professionals beyond the typical offerings of the past, focused on personal wellness, service and support, training and development, achievement and recognition, and forward-thinking industry inspiration. 

We are committed to bringing awareness to the challenges facing healthcare providers, amplifying the voices of the professional community, sharing knowledge and resources to ensure our clinical talent thrives and inspires a moment across the entire industry.

ACT Program Icons
Resources available to you through the ACT program

In addition to our existing benefits and support, all CardioSolution team members are eligible for additional resources through the Ingenovis ACT program, which will grow and expand over time. These tools are focused on personal wellness and the advancement of your professional career. Resources specific to CardioSolution include:

*Must be enrolled in one of CardioSolution’s medical plan options through United Healthcare to qualify.

ACT Learning Programs
ACT Program Wellness
We value your unique experience and perspective on your career and your life. 

If you have a recommendation for how the Ingenovis Health ACT program can better serve you, please contact us.