Cath Lab Digest interview about ongoing development, current strengths, and future

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CardioSolution Interventional Cardiology Program Development

CardioSolution’s CEO and CFO sit down with Cath Lab Digest to talk about CardioSolution’s ongoing development, current strengths, and future challenges.

“CardioSolution is neither a doctors’ practice nor a locums firm.”

CardioSolution offers a “hybrid” solution to rural or regional hospitals with diagnostic-only cath labs. What does that mean?

Perrin Peacock, CEO: We guarantee comprehensive interventional cardiology service lines, specifically to rural and regional hospitals. Our unique model allows us to attract the most talented and experienced interventional cardiologists in the country bring those physicians to rural hospitals. We put our hospital clients and their patients first. Unlike a traditional physician practice, we drive patient loyalty to our hospital clients, not to our company or physicians. Also, unlike a locums firm, our physicians are proactive …

What are some of the challenges experienced by more remote facilities that don’t offer interventional services?

Dr. Lou Vadlamani, chief medical officer: Many smaller hospitals have witnessed a drop in their diagnostic volumes as patients have become more and more informed, asking, why do I need a diagnostic procedure first and then be shipped out somewhere else for an interventional procedure? It is also difficult to recruit interventionalists to these smaller places and in addition, doing angioplasty without surgical backup has been historically taboo. Fortunately, over the last few years, with the release of the C-PORT trial data and the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology’s change in the guidelines…

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