Embracing disruption in your Cardiovascular Service Line

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The idea of making a change to your Cardiovascular Service Line, and possibly facing the disruptions that come with it, can be an intimidating prospect. However, even though “disruption” sounds like a bad thing, it is almost always the driving force behind positive change. And as cardiology care continues to evolve, it is essential to make sure that your program and your hospital are changing with it. Here are some suggestions to help you and your team to embrace change to advance your program’s success.

Identify the type and complexity of the disruption

Are you looking to launch a new service completely, or are you simply considering a switch to a new brand of catheter? Understanding the cost, as well as the amount of time and effort required to make change, will help you determine the best course of action as you move forward.

Be proactive and create a plan for your CVSL

Innovation is a constant when it comes to healthcare, and cardiology is no exception. There are new procedures performed and new devices developed every day, creating better treatment options for our patients. However, the fast pace at which these developments are occurring has made it much easier to fall behind the times. And the longer you wait to make the necessary changes, the more disruptive they become. One way to ensure that your program does not fall behind is to create a 5-10 year plan. Make a list of new technologies on the horizon and how you’d implement them within the service line. Establish a strategy for expanding your team to keep up with the demand of the aging population. Most importantly, consider the barriers you may face as you try to implement these changes, and be prepared to provide a detailed defense of your strategy.

Identify early adopters within your team and within the hospital

Having a team of people who support your cause can make all the difference when it comes time to try to create change. Seek out members of your own team who embrace forward thinking, share your strategy with them, and encourage them to lead the discussion amongst their peers. Perhaps even more important is the support of key stakeholders within the hospital. These individuals can make or break your efforts to bring change. When discussing your ideas, be sure to emphasize the long-term benefit, provide evidence, and clearly explain any potential impacts. Being thorough in these conversations can help you avoid potential barriers along the way.

It’s a matter of mindset

Seeing disruption in a positive light simply requires a change in mindset—it’s not about ruffling feathers or making problems, it’s a chance to progress and expand. As healthcare and technology evolve, stay ahead of the pace by asking yourself what you can do to encourage your team to embrace disruption and innovation. CardioSolution offers custom service line solutions for hospitals nationwide. If you’d like more information on how we can help you manage disruption and get the most out of your CVSL, visit our Program Development page or call 866-755-7519. Top Blog Posts: Cath Lab Tech Jobs Best Ohio Interventional Cardiologist Jobs Best California Interventional Cardiologist Jobs

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