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How VitalSolution Differs from Other Employment Models

Cardiology and anesthesiology clinicians have several employment options. They can be employed by a hospital, go into private practice, or work for a locum tenens agency. Those who work with VitalSolution have a fourth option that combines travel with long-term stability and work-life balance.

VitalSolution-Anesthesiology and VitalSolution-Cardiology, one of the country’s largest independent interventional cardiology groups, offer a unique opportunity whereby our top-quality clinicians become an integral part of the medical team. They provide the full continuum of patient care, including:

  • Clinic
  • Diagnostic
  • 24/7 cath lab coverage

Our physicians are engaged, long-term partners who become a part of the community. They provide outreach and patient education and establish professional relationships with other physicians in the community.

Elevate Your Career with VitalSolution: Long-term Placements, Flexible Scheduling, and Quality-driven Incentives

Locum tenens employment is typically designed for short-term gap coverage; in most cases, these providers aren’t able to integrate with the hospital system. VitalSolution physicians enjoy the stability of traditional hospital employment through longer-term placements and achieve work-life balance with one week on, one week off flexible scheduling. Despite working only 26 weeks a year, VitalSolution cardiologists receive compensation comparable to what they’d make in a traditional employment model.

Interventional cardiologists, anesthesiologists and CRNAs don’t have to relocate permanently to make a difference in a regional community. VitalSolution leases homes for its providers in the host community to enable them to live where they choose and for their children to go to school wherever they prefer.

“Our one week on, one week off coverage model provides scheduling consistency and 26 weeks of free time for ‘life balance,’” explains Seth Thomas, senior vice president of VitalSolution. “In the words of one of our physicians, ‘I’m the best physician I can be at work and the best husband and father I can be when I’m home.’”

While physicians may find the ongoing consolidation of hospitals concerning, cardiologists who partner with VitalSolution have access to a network of hospitals—and a wide range of opportunities—versus the limited number of opportunities available through a single hospital or system. And if a cardiologist wants a change of scenery, the company creates a transition plan to find the provider an equally attractive position.

Our physicians aren’t taking an assignment; they are committing to a long-term, stable career in the same community for three or more years.

Seth Thomas, Senior Vice President, Vitalsolution

Another aspect differentiating a VitalSolution appointment from locums or per diem work is that VitalSolution physicians can follow up on patients and build a patient following. In addition, because they are engrained in the culture of the community, they’re able to generate referral patterns.

“Our physicians aren’t taking an assignment; they are committing to a long-term, stable career in the same community for three or more years,” Seth explains. “We’ve even had the pleasure of throwing retirement parties for a few of the cardiologists who started with us during our first few years in business. I believe that we provide the highest level of work-life balance and stability of any employer in the industry, from locum companies to hospitals to private practice, paired with a very competitive salary.”

In addition, full-time VitalSolution physicians (those who work 182.5 days a year) receive 360-degree reviews to ensure quality and accountability. During these assessments, quality metrics, patient satisfaction scores, and feedback from hospital administrators and colleagues are reviewed. Physicians are incentivized to meet or exceed defined quality goals. In fact, cardiologists and anesthesiologists may receive an annual bonus of up to $50,000 for hitting quality goals.

“The company recognizes physicians for the quality of work they’re performing on the ground,” says Dave Alexander, physician recruiting manager. “That’s not something you’re likely to see with locums. In the locums world, the hospital staff is often reticent to build relationships with locum providers because they know those physicians will only be there for a short time. Our physicians are embraced and treated like part of the hospital’s staff.”

Elevating Cardiac Care and Hospital Revenue through VitalSolution’s Long-term Physician Placements

Through VitalSolution’s long-term physician placements, partner hospitals gain stable providers who establish referral patterns, ultimately increasing patient volume—and the hospital’s revenue. Because patients prefer consistency in care, hospitals see improvements in patient satisfaction rates too.

We charge a fixed price, so hospitals know exactly what the program will cost and the volumes needed for their cardiac cath program to be profitable.

Dave Alexander, Recruiting Manager, VitalSolution

“We provide the most economical, sustainable, and highest-quality approach to cardiovascular care,” says Seth. “Our average program generates well over $1 million in profit by the second year of operation and guarantees 24/7/365 emergency heart care. Because we are not a one-size-fits-all solution, we’re able to customize our many service offerings to either provide a turn-key solution or fill a very specific gap in resourcing and care delivery.”

“Ultimately, it’s a huge cost benefit to the hospital when they partner with VitalSolution,” Dave adds. “We charge a fixed price, so hospitals know exactly what the program will cost and the volumes needed for their cardiac cath program to be profitable. However, when you hire locums staff, the cost is typically variable because each provider has a base rate, pager rate, and callback rate. Depending on the hospital’s volume, that variability can put a huge financial burden on the hospital system.”

How the VitalSolution Model Benefits Patients

In general, cardiovascular outcomes have improved nationwide, yet rural counties are still seeing an increase in cardiovascular mortality. Roughly 20 percent of the U.S. population must drive more than 60 minutes to reach a hospital with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) capabilities. Nearly all these residents live in rural areas. VitalSolution brings lifesaving cardiac care to underserved regional communities.

“By providing heart care locally, patients save time and money on travel and overnight visits in tertiary communities, and, in the case of a cardiac emergency like a heart attack, receiving care locally reduces patient mortality and increases the quality of a patient’s life post-heart attack,” Seth explains.

Dave adds, “In cardiology, time equals muscle. The further a patient has to go for emergency treatment, the worse their outcome will be. Our physicians enable rural patients to receive treatment locally, where their family is and where they are most comfortable.”

After the initial procedure, patients are happier because they’re able to continue to see the same provider that performed the procedure.

“We are a physician-led and quality-driven company,” says Seth. “We provide stability because we offer support services for physicians that in many ways rival traditional hospital employment and go beyond what’s offered in the locums industry. Our emphasis on and investment in physician leadership and our focus on quality are our greatest differentiators for both physicians and hospitals.”

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