Partnering with CardioSolution to Build an Interventional Program at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

Dec 9 | | Written By Admin

Interventional Cardiology Program

CardioSolution guarantees comprehensive interventional cardiology service lines specifically to rural and regional hospitals. A unique model allows them to attract the most talented and experienced interventional cardiologists in the country, and bring these physicians to rural hospitals. Unlike a traditional physician practice, CardioSolution drives patient loyalty to its hospital clients, not to the company or physicians.

Tim, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Typically, a regional hospital has a couple of different options when introducing or enhancing a cardiology service line. You can recruit a cardiologist straight out of fellowship, partner with a larger practice in a neighboring city, or try and entice a pair of cardiologists to come to your community and start a practice. Why did you take the road less traveled and go with a model that was less familiar?

The combination at SJRMC of two medical cardiologists and some resistance to interventions without CV backup meant that recruitment was going to be difficult. We knew that we needed a different solution. We came across CardioSolution by chance. When I knew we needed to take our program to the next level, I spoke with some cardiologists I know in other parts of the country to see if we could get a program up and running.

I was eventually referred to a facility in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where CardioSolution got its start. We had the opportunity to talk to individuals who had worked at that particular facility to get a feel for how it had worked for them. Shortly after that, we began talking to CardioSolution about the possibility of extending their program to Lewiston, Idaho.

Once we got the conversation going, it was less than six months to actually going live with cardiology services being provided by CardioSolution in our organization.

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