We want you to be as successful personally, as you are professionally

At CardioSolution, we consider ourselves one of the fastest-growing cardiology groups in the country. We offer a unique hybrid of traditional employment models and we differentiate ourselves by providing more than just a position—we provide a lifestyle.

We are a physician-led organization, aware of the challenges you face daily and working every day to help you meet them head-on.

A model designed to fit your life

Our unique model allows us to develop and operate cardiovascular service lines in communities with patients at risk of not receiving the life-saving heart care they need while being able to offer you a flexible schedule that fits the lifestyle you want.

Maintaining the balance

We know balancing your personal and professional life, as well as your physical and mental well-being can be difficult, but when done well, can help you improve outcomes, excel within your career, and—most importantly—save lives. Assisting our physicians in their service to our patients will always be our number one goal.

Make a career move with a team that values you

CardioSolution is growing every day and we need dedicated cardiologists to help us in our effort to increase access to emergency heart care across the country. Join us, discover the difference, and find a home on the CardioSolution team.