Two Interventional Cardiologists talk with Cath Lab Digest about their experience working with CardioSolution

Dec 10 | | Written By Admin


Two Louisiana Interventional Cardiologists sit down with Cath Lab Digest to talk about finding a good fit with CardioSolution: 7 days on, 7 days off.

Dr. Yunus Moosa is an interventionalist practicing in Zachary, Louisiana (close to Baton Rouge) and Dr. Chris Mallavarapu is an interventionalist practicing out of Lafayette, Louisiana. Both are seasoned interventional cardiologists with experience doing no-surgical-backup percutaneous coronary intervention.

How is CardioSolution different from the traditional options of either hiring a cardiologist to directly work for the hospital or inviting and existing cardiology physician practice to come to town?

Dr. Mallavarapu: Before calling in a company like CardioSolution, I am sure the hospital explored other other options, such as trying to get  preexisting groups to come to the area or perhaps recruiting for themselves. One reason I think that this new model is successful is the reluctance of groups to change their practice patterns.

Dr. Moosa: The other reason is that CardioSolution drives loyalty to the hospital. It’s not a physician-owned practice, and neither is it a CardioSolution-owned practice. Essentially it is a ground-up opportunity, and to start a new program it takes experienced interventional cardiologists to be there 24/7, with 365-day coverage …

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