interventional cardiology physicians in cath lab

We Keep Hearts Beating Everywhere

We are a turnkey interventional cardiac solution that creates a vital link to life

For caregivers who believe that urgent cardiac care is a right, not a privilege

CardioSolution is not a one-size-fits-all organization. We build, augment, and operate cardiovascular programs across the country.

Keep Your Community Alive and Thriving

Consider your CVSL care options

We provide clear, concise, and itemized service offerings, from consulting to total service line development and construction, to bring your community the cardiovascular care and improved patient outcomes it needs.

Could your facility benefit from a partnership with CardioSolution? Enter your estimated annual ED volume below to receive a revenue projection.


Patient Count Projected Net Revenue
Patient Visit – Clinic 2500 $287,500
Patient Visit – Hosp 1000 $95,000
Echo Lab 1200 $300,000
Nuclear Lab 600 $762,000
Cath Lab – Coronary Diag. 400 $2,800,000
Cath Lab – Coronary Int. 133 $1,600,000
Cath Lab – Peripheral Vasc. 160 $640,000
Total $6,484,500