Job Alert: Interventional Cardiologist Jobs in California and Washington

Have you always dreamed of living in California? If you are an interventional cardiologist, we have an opportunity for you. Transform your career and end your job search today! This cardiology jobs alert is to invite all those credentialed in Interventional Cardiology to apply to join CardioSolution as a certified interventional cardiology physician.

Our unique work-life hybrid proposition for the perfect candidate


We seek a board-certified cardiology physician to join us, working a unique schedule of one week on duty in Washington State followed by a full week at home in California embracing the natural and cultural wonder the state has to offer. This is a cardiologist opportunity like no other, intended for candidates like no other.

That’s why we pride ourselves in offering more than a job. We offer a lifestyle to support you and your career. Successful candidates will be able to live anywhere in California while working at a hospital in Washington State in a schedule that will allow you to enjoy your California lifestyle fully.

With the terms of our hybrid schedule, the successful candidate would spend seven days delivering expert cardiology care in beautiful Washington State – only a short flight from home – then return to sunny California for seven days to truly embrace the California lifestyle.

The benefit of living on the West Coast enables you to enjoy the diversity of mountain-to-ocean landscapes in California while providing the new standard in interventional cardiology care.

We know that as deeply invested as you may be in your career, you also cherish your time off – and what better place to be able to enjoy urban life in some of America’s most famous cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, CA? If you love the ocean or mountains, the bluffs of Mendocino or the rocky cliffs of Big Sur compete with the splendor of Yosemite, the Giant Redwoods, the Anza Borrego Desert wilderness, or the ski slopes around Lake Tahoe.

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Enjoy CardioSolution’s flexible Interventional Cardiologist jobs and a California lifestyle


No living-and-playing location is more ideal than California. Whether you prefer a sleepy beach town or a metropolis, we can find a place for you among our interventional cardiology teams on the West Coast.

And with CardioSolution’s unique model, you’ll find more than an opportunity. You’ll discover meaning in your cardiologist career while creating optimal work-life balance and delivering lifesaving access to cardiac care in communities that would otherwise have no access to new interventional cardiology therapies.

You might work in some cities with a supportive group of four cardiologists or, in others, in a multi-specialty group with nuclear medicine and cardiothoracic surgery specialists.

Practicing medicine with CardioSoution


Expand your cardiology practice and join our team as a supported physician, working flexible schedules of seven days on duty in Washington State, then enjoying seven leisurely days hiking, surfing, skiing, or otherwise soaking up the sun in California.

Our board-certified interventional cardiology physicians experience life and work as it should be, embracing CardioSolution’s vanguard approach to interventional cardiology.

CardioSolution is a fast-growing, physician-led medical group providing interventional cardiology care to patients across the nation. From a Cincinnati, OH, interventional cardiology start-up to a dynamic solution in the healthcare industry, CardioSolution jobs empower our cardiologist physicians to live balanced lives while providing optimal care and results to their patients.

Please view our most recent jobs in Washington State and begin the application process today.

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The CardioSolution employment model


CardioSolution’s days as a start-up may be behind us, but we are more committed to our out-of-the-box outlook on physician support and patient care than ever before. This has been our driving force as we develop and operate cardiovascular service lines in areas where patients may not have access to life-saving therapeutic or invasive cardiology care and cardiac surgery.

Simply put, the CardioSolution model is designed to fit your life. Our people – and your patients – are our commitment. When you join our team of highly trained cardiologists, you’ll experience our support and commitment to you firsthand. Rather than facing burnout and exhaustion working extreme hours in the office and missing out on your life in the meantime, jobs with CardioSolution create the kind of work-life balance you need.

On top of the unmatched flexibility of the CardioSolution model, we offer a competitive interventional cardiologist compensation package, including guaranteed compensation, health insurance, medical malpractice and tail coverage, and a generous vacation package for interventional cardiologists, along with full administrative support, including help with licensing, credentialing, and travel expenses.

We know how frustrating it can be to sift through job ads, searches, and job alerts for positions that don’t fit. Our team at CardioSolution is here to support you in balancing your wellbeing and professional goals as one of our interventional cardiologists, resulting in improved outcomes and saved lives.

The CardioSolution way is different, and we invite you to join us as we continue to grow and transform the way cardiology care is provided and the job of an eligible, board-certified interventional cardiologist is performed. View our full-time, hybrid jobs available throughout Washington State today.

About CardioSolution: A new outlook for Interventional Cardiology

In 2011, Perrin Peacock and Dr. Lou Vadlamani sought a solution for a problem they saw throughout the cardiovascular care industry. The result was CardioSolution, developed to provide cardiovascular service lines in medical facilities across the country. Since then, CardioSolution has evolved from an aspirational start-up to a vanguard medical group providing high-quality solutions and optimal outcomes for cardiology physicians and patients.

Our physician-led model has revolutionized the cardiovascular care system. We enable a full-time, board-certified interventional cardiologist to maintain an optimal work-life balance while providing cardiology care to patients in rural, regional, and major metropolitan hospitals. Embrace our hybrid work schedule, enjoying the excitement of a week working with a medical group in Washington State before returning to sunny California. If you’re done looking for cardiology jobs in California and are ready to change the trajectory of your career as an interventional cardiologist, take the next step with CardioSolution. Contact CardioSolution for more information today, or view our interventional cardiology opportunities throughout Washington State.

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